Door Hangers


Make door-to-door marketing a success with Door Hanger printing. Door Hangers effectively target specific neighbourhoods as they are highly visible.

Color: Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0), or 2 sided (4/4)
Quantities: Ranges from 100 to 100,000
Sizes: 8.5″x3.5″ 4.25″x11″
Finishing: Trim, die cut and box. Bundling is optional.
File Type: Print Ready PDF file
Special Instructions: The die cut hole is 1.25”

Business card perforation is optional for 8.5 x 3.5 hangers
Please follow set up guides to ensure your prints are die cut without loss of any important text / images
Door hanger slit direction is not guaranteed

Product Options

AQ Door Hangers
AQ Door Hangers feature a semi-gloss finish that flatters every design.

14pt AQ




UV (High Gloss) Door Hangers
High Gloss Door Hangers offer the brightest shine for high-impact marketing.

14pt UV (High Gloss)




Matte Door Hangers
An excellent option for high volume prints, Matte Door Hangers offer a smooth, elegant finish at a low price.

14pt Matte




Specialty Door Hangers
Enviro Uncoated Door Hangers are an environmentally-friendly option that boasts a distinct paper texture.

13pt Enviro Uncoated


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